sascha henrichs

sascha henrichs

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First Name * sascha
Last Name * henrichs
Username * aphexx
Country * Germany
City Duisburg
Nationality German
Languages EnglishGerman


Current Position Artist;Modeller
Areas of Expertise Games Computer
Preferred Tools 3ds maxModelingPhotoshopTexturingmudbox


Hi, my name is Sascha Henrichs, currently 34 years old.
I'm a cg artist and into game industry for nearly 14 years.

I worked as 3d modeler and texture artist as well as leveldesigner, for the following titles:
Gothic 2
Gothic 2 Add-On
Gothic 3

My main profession is to model,to texture and to arrange environments.
Including natural objects, architecture and props.
I also worked as a freelancer for some other titles.
My second profession is beiing lecturer at the Games-Ycademy germany

Feel free to contact me for any exchange.

Sascha Henrichs


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